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Related post: From: D One Subject: Putting on a Show Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 13:06:04 GMTKelly was broke. That wasn't unusual for him or any of the others in the dorm.His roomate was always broke but free lolita models erotic seemed to find money for things like pizza, beer and an occasional suprise wardrobe.They lolita gallery magazine little had become friends as most roommates do in college. Mac was a midwestern looking kid although he was from Santa Cruz, a beach city near San Francisco. While Kelly was a southern boy from Atlanta with the accent to match.Both ended up in the cold state of Michigan at the UofM and suffered the usual pressures of young girls lolita fantasy freshman year young lolitas pantie models combined with the winter weather pink russian lolita pic that neither were used to.Their heater either didn't work or worked overtime. So at times they put on ski parkas to sleep and other times were bareass trying to endure the steam heat. When cold, they didn't hesitate to get in the same forum bbs loli yo bed. And when hot they didn't seem to mind being miss bikini lolitas xxx naked around each other.Kelly certainly didnt' mind. He nude lolitas sexy pics had sucked dick since he was thirteen. An Uncle free skinny lolita pics there, a cousin there, a buddy now and then and even his step dad. He was queer..and kept it quiet on underage preteen lolita modelling campus. Sooner or later, he knew he'd have some sex with loli no nude bbs a classmate..but there was too many other problems to deal young perversions teens lolita with.As for Mac, he didn't know what Mac's preteen hardcore lolitas bbs sexual activities were other then the midnight masturabation that was hard to ignore. And once or twice Kelly joined in. Each boy in their lolita photos model girls own beds, in the middle of the night, rubbing their erections sharing without touching....enjoying without talking about it...and thinking about whatever made it enjoyable. For Kelly it was memories of hot videos free lolitas other partners and the image of Mac naked now and then. But he didn't know what Mac fantasized about."Wild night last night huh?" Mac said after one of those sessions. "Yea...guess we all get horny" Kelly said. And the two never talked about it further.As for freshman problems, Mac was always relaxed and Kelly worried about tests, schedule, tuition, his part time job and of course money."You worry lolitas castle free pics too much man. Go with the flow" Mac would advise again and again. Kelly didn't know how to do that..nor how Mac did.Finally in the middle of hair lolita nudes gallery the winter months with Christmas shopping looming ahead and the girls sucking on lollipops thought of going home without presents for anyone, Kelly asked the question that he wondered for the past three months."Mac you gotta tell illegal ebony lolita fuck me. How do you do it? Not the erotica lolitas top lists kickback attitude, I mean money. You always seem to have enough to spend on stuff""You really want to know?" Mac absentmindedly free lolita websites list stroked his smooth chest and across tiny ass fucked lolitas his erect nipple. That distracted Kelly but only for a moment."Yea..tell me man..I gotta make some bread too" "Well you lolita girls xxx pics know the quadrangle?" Mac revealed his habit of hanging around that part of campus nude loli top list and meeting strange men. "Hell, a bj is a bj. You just close your eyes and imagine it's a girl" he explained the twenty dollar blowjobs that provided videos sexo lolitas gratis him funds."You ought to try it. With a face like yours, they'd really go for it. If you want to make more money, that cute loli gallery childs models butt could make you a fortune"Kelly suddenly became self conscious as he hot 11 y.o. lolita stood there wearing only his galleries 13 yo lolitas jockey shorts. His cock was stirring so he quickly sat on his free bbs lolitas pictures bed and pulled the sheets across his lap."I did that a couple, well a few times too" Mac continued his confessional explanation. "Didn't like it..the first time anyway. but Christ I made fifty dollars each time. " Kelly was trying to absorb everything that Mac was saying. His thumbnail liitle lolits gallery roomie had made money getting blowjobs and now admitted he had been buttfucked too. And Mac seemed to indicate he liked it. That was more important then making money doing photo bugil lola amaria least Kelly thought so."You think I'm an asshole?" Mac said. He stood and baby lolitas movie galleries stretched. His smooth skin revealed his nude loli girls lists ribcage and muscles as he did it. It wasnt' the first time Mac had done this..but now it turned Kelly on with hurricane like suddenness."No...I...ah. Did you ever do it to others?" Kelly asked."Fuck? hell yea, girls, guys..all the same. Though guys usually are tighter" Mac laughed as he adjusted the mound in his young loli pleasure models crotch. Kelly tried to see if the boys cock was getting hard like his."No I meant blowjobs" Kelly said.Mac paused and looked out the window."Man look out there." Kelly stood and moved beside Mac at the window."There are hundreds, no thousands, of horny guys like you and me. What do you think they do to get off? Think they jack off like we lolita 456 nude young do at night?" Mac slapped Kellys butt but gently. Kelly didn't jump or react. His body thrilled at loli image board forums the touch."Hell man they got erections just like the one you got now"Kelly hadn't russian school girls lolita hid his boner when he stood beside Mac. He wished he had now."It's cool. It's natural. So if we jack off, suck, fuck, get sucked, get fucked whatever, why not? It doesn't hurt anyone. And if we can help others get off and make a little bread, why the fuck not?"Mac put his hand on Kellys bare shoulder."hey you can make some too...let's go"Mac threw Kelly's jeans and tee shirt at him as he pulled on his own."Come on" Mac virgin girls lolita young urged.Kelly's head was numb. But he did as he was told puttting on his tee shirt, jeans and a University sweat shirt. The ski parka barely on, Kelly had to trot to catch up to Mac."now you go over there and kind of walk asian pree teen lolitas around. Be friendly and appear like you're just out for a walk" Mac's words flowed form him in a steamy bruch of air. It was like seeing the boy talk, Kelly thought. Then suddenly lolita preteen pedo sex Mac was gone.The night air filled Kelly's lungs as he looked around. Students were walking this way and that. Adult forms too walked here and there. It was almost midnight and the foot traffic was far more then Kelly thought.He saw a figure by another building. Kelly thought it looked like Mac. The were actually two silhouettes there. nude native lolita girls One, the Mac like person, was laughing and stamping his feet. The other reached out and put his arm around tiny lolita anal videos Mac's shoulders. Kelly looked away rather then intrude...although zeps bbs lolita pics they were petite young lolita videos twenty yards away anyway."Hi" a voice said to him. It was another student who seemed to walk up. "got a light?" Kelly didn't smoke but carried a lighter...a gift from the Uncle who had introduced him to buttfucking long ago. "Sure" kelly flicked it and saw the flame illuminate the face of a Grad . Student who was also a teaching assistant."Cold night huh?" the voice asked.Kelly didnt' know what to say.He turned and saw the two silhouettes walking away from where they had stood. Mac was going somewhere to do something with the guy. The thought of seeing Mac naked sucking or being sucked...fucking or getting fucked totally turned Kelly on...."You want to go somewhere warm?" Kelly nonude cute lolita model surprised himself lolita undeage sex pics real preteen lolita pics with the words."Shit yea" and they moved to a building where the Grad. Student lolitas babes tetas chupadas pointed. His key allowed them into a basement doorway and they were in a darkened storeroom. "Dont' worry, we're safe here" the guy said."Great" Kelly said feeling the students hands begin to undress him.The kisses were deep, the lips nude pre lolita tgp were tight, he licked and was licked. He sucked and was sucked, he lolita virgin 13 yo gasped as the lolita cp tgp portal Grad Student stabbed his butthole with little naked tit lolitas his tongue..and then he was free lolita videos sites ready. Imagining that it was Macs hands holding his bare buttocks, Kelly sighed as the cock moved into him and fucked."Wow you are one horny dude" the grad studend said after recovering form his orgasm. Then he sucked Kelly until the boy exploded into the darkness of the room."We should get together again" and they parted."So how much did you make?" Mac was there when Kelly arrived. He was in bed shirtless and had his preteen lolas underwear models hands behind his head."Oh nothing" Kelly admitted preeteen lolita nude photos "it was just sex""Man, you gotta learn. It's not "just" sex. You're a cute, good looking, sexy kid and they like that. You're lolita pre-teen porn picture going to study business right? It's your product. Sell it..or young lolita beach pics you'll be bitching lolli nude teen sites about money for the rest of your life""I made one hundred dolars" Mac waved the preteen lolita model photography bills. Kelly didn't ask him how."Come on" mac jumped out of his lolita pre vombat naked bed. He was naked which startled and delighted Kelly.They went to a bar and despite their fake ids drank beer and ate pizza. "Got sex gives me an want that?" Mac ate his own and some of Kelly's pizza. "I thought you had sex too?" "sssshhhh" Kelly said looking around the place."hell man let em know. They're all jealous" Mac said "Ladies and gentlemen, I'd dad fucks kid lolita like to announce that tonight my roommate and I had wonderful free sexy lolita websites glorious fantastic sex" he stood and belted out the announcement."Hope you two will be very happy" someone yelled and everyone laughed. Mac realized what 3d young teen loli he had said and how it sounded. "Fuck you" he said."anytime" another person yelled."See? They all want it" Mac said resuming his beer and pizze as if nothing had happened.It was two or three weeks lolitas bbs preteen bbs later. Kelly now had a few dollars for Christmas thanks to Mac's instruction and some horny older students and men lolita pussy toplist elweb in the nearby town. Mac too seemed to be out every night and announcing how much he made.Kelly was in bed and about to jack off when Mac lolita dark portal links came into the room."Man I made a deal of all deals tonight" he announced as he began to strip off the laywers of lolita pay sites hard sweaters, shirts, underwear that the weather had demanded he wear.Kelly watched the strip show, letting his hidden erection get harder and harder."You and I are going to make pedo preteen lolita list a crapload of money myboy" Mac was not totaly naked and standing by the bathroom toilet. His penis in his hand ls lolita teen links shot a stream of urine in a artistic arch towards the he continued to talk."I met this guy in town? lolitas dark portal com We did it of course. And I told preteen lolitas licking titties him about you. He wants you just based on the jap loli bbs teen way I described you of course." Mac shook the last drops and walked back into the room."Anyway, he wants you and me at the same time" Mac paused "five lolita pthc gallery nn hundred dollars""What?" Kelly moved up in the bed now, moving his hand away from his erection and letting the sheets drop a bit."Yea. but there's a catch" Mac said looking cautious."What we have to watch him do each other or what?" Kelly blurted out a fantasy he had been having of watching men have sex with Mac."better put that away before it explodes" Mac's eyes were aimed towards Kelly's sheets where his boner had appeared above the edge."Oh sorry, I was tgp loli top 12 just about to...." Kelly began to explain."No. We have to have sex together while he and some friends of his watch. It's a party and they wanna see two charming angels home lolita students get it on with each other" Mac turned away frank langella lolita nude walking in a little circle explaining."And we can get together with the party guests afterwards if lolita em cartoon 3d we want" Mac began to convince Kelly to agree."hell he index of preteen lolita said if we do real good, he might give us more""Uh, well, I dont' know. I mean we're roommates and ..." preteen lol ped models Kelly didnt' know how to reply. He didnt' want to seem too anxious."yea, I know." Mac seemed serious young little asian lolitas as his hand moved down his belly to his cock and began to flick it gently. "We dont' know what preteen girls lolitas models each other like or anything. So here's what I suggest. Let's do it. We can have sex before so we know what we're doing and everything..and put on a show..hell we can pretend to like it. For five hundred dollars, I'd do it with anyone" Mac nn loli y o saw the expression in kelly's face."Hey loli teen virgin young I didnt' mean it like that man. You're a sexy guy. I told you that before. Why do you thik you making bread now? lolita bbs sexy movies " Mac "hell I've thought about doing it with you ls pre loli pics lots of times" he paused to see if kelly was pissed off."really? me too" Kelly said."good then its settled" Mac moved to Kelly's bed and lifted the little lolita models topless sheets. "Lets get started"."You boys were everything you claimed" the man counted out the ten fifty dollar bills and then added another one hundred dollars. "you want to stick around and mabye we can have some more fun tonight after everyone leaves""got to hit the hay...classes tommorrow" Mac said stuffing his share of the money into his pocket where a few twenties an a couple of fifties had been put after he had private times with the party guests.Kelly was quiet. He didn't know what to say."what about you, I'd like to spend the night with one of you at least" the man put his hand lolitas teens under 18 on Kellys shoulder."gotta go man sorry" Mac said.Kelly shook the mans' hand and asked if he nymphet lolita angel pedo could come back. the thought of spending the night with the man was one he liked."We made out like bandits. How many times did you do it?" little lolita s pics Mac talked about the night like some job...."hey why are you so quiet?""hell man I made money, had lolita nubile nonnude model a good time and all that...but it wasn't the same as when we lollipops girls nude 15 ..." Kelly wanted to say things that he though Mac wouldn't want to hear."I know" Mac stopped. They stood on the sidewalk on the way to their dormatory. Other students were around butnot many it was very late. Very few lights were on in lollita models vid free the dorm windows."Know the reason I didn't preteen lolita girl board want to nero iso lolitaz school stay..even if he offered us money?" Mac gently held Kelly's parka collar."Because I got so turned on having sex with you while they watched..all I could think of afterwards was going preeteen nude lola pics back to our room and doing it again and again with you"He pulled Kelly's collar and kissed him right there in public.Like that first maduras espanolas pay lolitas black lolita nude models night they had sex, that night was wild, uncontrollable, hot sweaty and both were 12 yo katya lolita amazed their bodies kept wanting to explode."It was a hell of a show last night" Mac said as he lay there stroking Kelly's smooth buttocks" they had just recovered from yet another pair of orgasms."We ought to do it lolita portal cp pictures again" kelly said "especially if we can do this afterwards""Sounds good to lolita model russian portal me" Mac moved Kelly's buttocks apart and lowered his head to give Kelly a sensation he wasn't expecting.It was a hell of a show.
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